I get to share the album cover with you!


I am so happy to finally get to share this album cover with you!

A little back story on the creation of it below:

I had a vision for what I wanted the cover to look like. One night over a bottle of wine, I was sharing my vision with my long time friends, Chris Burke and Toby Gilbert. Toby, being the giving and amazingly talented photographer that he is, said “We should go to Chris’s family lake house in Alabama! It would be perfect for the shot. We could bring the pups, have a weekend getaway and play around and see what we come up with!” I mean, how sweet are my friends?!?!?!

Toby and I woke up at 4am every morning to catch that sweet spot right before the sun rose and the mist was still sitting on the water. I never dreamed Toby would capture the Bandit Queen so beyond perfectly and ever better than I had dreamed. It all came together naturally and genuinely and I couldn’t have asked for more.

For a thousand reasons this record is alive because of family, friends and believers that have been willing to give their time and talents to this project. Toby and Chris are both at the top of that list. We have been friends for nearly a decade now and this is definitely not the first favor they have ever done for me. They both helped to capture my first solo shots I ever took as well, which was such a gift in starting out on my journey to create this album. They also helped me create the video I just posted, telling my story in creating this record.

Because of Toby’s insane talent, the love and friendship we share and his believe in me and my vision, I truly believe there is no one else that could have shot this album cover but him. Furthermore, my long time friend and talented graphic designer, Kevin Fisher, created the perfect artwork to pair and omit the tone of this album’s voice. Thank you Toby and Kevin for making “Bandit Queen” come to visual life.