It's FINALLY HERE... Thank You!

It’s funny…. emotionally I’m kind of overwhelmingly stunned right now. And being an emo person I didn’t expect to feel this way…. But I so do. It’s a very humbling and grateful feeling all at the same time to truly know that you are undeserving of the blessings you have been given. I can honestly say I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that more intensely than right now.

I have waited for a very long time for today. In such a real way, I can’t believe that it’s finally here.

I was faced with a very hard decision at 24 years old that held my life’s work, investment and identity in one hand and uncertainty and a hope for something greater in the other. I chose the latter and it’s been an interesting journey to say the least. I feel like I chose the jungle path instead of the pebbled one. And being in the music business already, it’s not like the pebbled path is smooth road (haha). You could also say it took me from a 5 lane freeway life to bush hogging my own path. As far as my consciousness of understanding the value of why we are here is concerned, I highly recommend the jungle. I’ll warn you it isn’t sunshine and butterflies. It’s vulnerable and challenging. It’s VERY humbling and forces you to face the good bad and uglier about yourself. It also puts you in circumstances where you have to choose your gut or you’d really be lost. It requires you to give and to receive on a whole new level. It’s very freeing. It’s very honest and genuine too and makes it easier to fearlessly choose that everyday. And its got my vote easily over glitz and social acceptable every time. Just so you know :).

I have to say- all this bush hogging revealed some pretty insane surprises. I got to know the value of being surrounded by true genuine friends and loved ones. I got to test and prove the strength of love and marriage. I got to cross and actually get to see the country twice going on many amazing gypsy adventures. I got to learn endless lessons and have epic experiences with INSANE songwriters in Nashville, Los Angeles and in between. I got to meet my #1 heroes. Not only that, I got to receive a gift of a lifetime from them and say yes and thank you to the opportunity of making my debut solo album. And I got to share making this album and seeing it to its completion with all of you.




There’s no way to tell you how much. I am trusting you know in some way how much so I won’t go mad. “Fences” is alive and out in the world. YOU made that happen when no one else could. You supported art and music when it needed you- I’m so thankful and lucky to be connected to that inspiration and support in any way.

I owe any ounce of gumption in me to my parents- I hope I give my kids half the springboard you gave me into life Mom and Dad. I love you. Thank you for teaching me the good stuff and the value of it.

I hope you enjoy my expression of the last 4 years of my journey as a country singer/songwriter and performer. This is “Bandit Queen”. May her story inspire you to kick ass at yours.